Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Happens When Nobody's Watching

Agency Jung von Matt in Hamburg, Germany has won a Cannes Silver Lion for their powerful digital print ad on domestic violence. The outdoor ad for Amnesty International features an eye-tracking camera whereupon the image of a seemingly regular couple changes to an act of domestic violence when the observer looks away from the poster, accompanied with the tag line "It Happens When Nobody's Watching".

For more info, click here.


Start is a design collective specialising in Typography, Art Direction and Motion Graphics. Made up of Phil Robson and Mathieu Carlot, they have embarked on this killer project which is made by laser cutting, varnishing, gluing, layering and framing. Very impressive!


Via TheGrafikMuseum

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tattoo: Yann Travaille

Montreal based Yann Travaille's work is taking tattooing in a new direction. It's undeniable that he is creating a unique style. I'm not sure that I'd get his work permanently on my body. But I'll definitely post it on this blog. Cool.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shopping: Jewellry

I'm kind of loving this porcelain jaw pendant. Apparently it's a muskrat jaw. Wouldn't that be something you would enjoy around your neck? Probably not clamping down on your jugular, but how about decoratively hung on a chain. If you love it too, buy one on Etsy

Bored? Try Windosill...

Click on the image above to try Windosill.

KAWS/Hajime Sorayama

Set to release this Saturday in Tokyo, KAWS has teamed up with Medicom Toys and Hajime Sorayama to create this little masterpiece.

Fashion: Laura Mackness

Laura Mackness graduated from the Central Saint Martins MA Fashion course in February earlier this year, and has since received critical acclaim for her striking 26-piece collection showcased during London Fashion Week. A refreshing juxtaposition of minimalism and humour the collection promotes a streamline silhouette, a rigourous colour palette punctuated by unexpected details. A blazer jacket with loose lapels, structured tunic tops and a trompe l’oeil fur-print coat are complimented by Mackness’ flocked ‘eyelash’ necklace and cone-shaped hats.

Via It's Nice That

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walking The High Line

It's official! New York is the super coolest.

Welcome to the High Line, a raised park in the sky! Built on an old freight train track constructed in Manhattan in the 1930's, the High Line opened on June 8th, 2009. For more info, click here.

All images courtesy of the High Line Blog.

Judith Supine

via Wooster Collective

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Music: Chief Pinkton

Glastonbury starts tomorrow and for all of you situated outside of the UK needing a great Brit rock fix, look no further than London's Chief Pinkton. They've yet to headline any festival, [maybe even their own gig?] but this band feels like Coldplay in the making.

Have a listen here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pac-man Sneaker

via Colmilludo

There isn't a release date yet. But here's a look at the Pac Man inspired Nike Dunks. I'm starting to save my money now.

Music: Bloodgroup

NXNE is here, so that means I don't get to sleep for the next few days. Happy to do it cause there are some great bands in town. Including one band that I caught last night, Bloodgroup, from Iceland. Great electro dance music tending to go a bit on the darker side. But it was 9pm and I was still dancing. So, lucky for me, they have another gig in the city before they take off. If you're looking to dance, you should get yourself out.

Neutral Lounge - 3AM (The perfect time)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Social Networking Site: Hunch

So Twitter is gradually taking North America by storm, Facebook is still on the up and up, Myspace is the pimply teenager no one wants to dance with and Spotify is the cool kid who won't even go to the dance [come to Canada. Come on, Spotify! We wear spandex].

Next up is Flickr's Hunch, a decision based think tank all about you. Yes, someone's actually managed to take the narcissism of Facebook, the nihilistic broadcast capabilities of Twitter and combined it all together to help you make real life decisions about yourself. First, you need to Teach Hunch About You, a section of the site that asks you multiple choice questions centred around numerous scenarios. i.e. "Do you rent or own your own home?" or "In how many languages (including your native language) could you call a restaurant and make a reservation?"

From these options, Hunch begins to filter a think tank profile of what type of person you are and how you are most likely to make decisions. It may seem a bit too "Have you ever?" for some social networkers, but Hunch allows the glorified "Skip This Question" option for topics you may be out to lunch on, or simply don't want to answer.

From there, you can go on to post a Topic - either a decision you're needing help on, i.e. "Should I visit Europe?" or to partake in someone else's Topic, i.e. "Should I eat cheese or wine for breakfast?". Hunch will provide you with YOUR results and include you in a percentage of others who have taken the same Topic quiz. Of course, there's a Pros & Cons section underneath your topic results so that GirlySqueal92 can post "I got wine! LOL ROTFL!" But hey, this is social networking after all, and GirlySqueal92 needs her vent space.

Much like a bicycle the more you ride it the easier it gets. The more you Hunch, the more accurate their decision results will be for you. Nobody wants a rusty Hunch, so get on it!

Exciting times for internet evolution. Dare we say we've reached the po-mo era of networking sites? Good one Flickr! We got a hunch you'll like it! Ho! Hee! Someone had to go there.

Hunch it here.

Music: Hey Champ

Hey Champ
totally improved my mood today. Stellar music from these guys. They're doing a tour with Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. (who I will be checking out tonight). Already done a national tour opening for Lupe Fiasco. And they're also featured on an 80Kidz track. FANTASTIQUE!

Check their video for Cold Dust Girl:


Tattoo's got a new look!

Check out our new website here.

So, if you read this blog you'll gather that here at Tattoo Sound + Music we love a few things. Music, art and parties are hovering around the top three of that list.

So we're having a night of music, art and great times!!

Doors @ 7pm
Live Set by Winter Gloves (Montreal)

Featuring artwork by:
Sammy Rawal (www.sammyrawal.com)
Juliana Neufeld (www.juliananeufeld.com)
Gabriel Graham (www.1977.ca)
Robin Cymbaly (www.robincymbaly.com)
Lizzie Vickery (www.lizzievickery.com)
Dan Abramovici (art.whitebalancephotos.ca)
Scott McCreight


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The London Police

Here is a fantastic mural done by The London Police in Amsterdam. And as the story seems to go every time, city council is threatening to take the piece down even though the artists have permission from the owner of the building. Buzz kill.

Via Wooster Collective

Nike "Blue Lobster"

I sometimes get really excited when a new sneaker comes out. Not enough to camp out in front of Stolen Riches waiting for a release, but definitely enough to post about them here. I won't be buying these, but I will be wanting them

Concepts gives us a look into the complete package being offered as part of their second go round at the Lobster Dunk concept. Priced at $250.00 USD, the Blue Lobster Dunk Lows will be bagged, tagged and sealed in a HAZMAT foam container. Each pair will be joined by an official Nike SB tee, hang tag and lace lock. The first 200 pairs will come with 1 of 2 Concepts x Alien Workshop skate decks, with a release scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 2009, at 11:00 am. Concepts will also be raffling off a pair of the original Lobster from 2008. Raffle tickets will be sold for $10 each and the drawing will be held immediately following the release on June 20th.

Via Hype Beast

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Watch: Mad Avenue Blues

For all those feeling the effects of the Wall Street Meltdown, here's the Mad Avenue Blues for you. It's even 9 minutes in length for those who have time to kill, wee! Happy Monday!

Artist: Frode Skaren

Here's some beautiful work by graphic designer and illustrator Frode Skaren

Nike Fitness

Continuing on their Nike+ concept of helping athletes track their training numbers and progress, Sportsbands are a new release out of the Nike camp. Doing away with the traditional transmitters that work in unison between your footwear and your iPod, the Nike+ Sportsbands track details such as your speed, distance, time and calorific expenditure. With the ability to collect upwards of 15 hours of data, you can upload the info to your computer and personal workout log at NikePlus.com.

via hypebeast

Music: Woods

Woods, I'm loving them. Pop heavy indie rock. Are those "Passion Pit vocals" going to become a thing now? I hate to describe them that way, but I love them. Helium vocals...let's go with that.

Also check out their self-run label called Woodist that has released music from Vivian Girls, Wavves and Kurt Vile. And here is an incredible stop motion video from them:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Only the best for company

God bless the Dirty Mug. To view or purchase, click here.

All Aboard: The Steam Whistle Locomotive

Check out the new commercial for the Steam Whistle Brewery, "Locomotive". Tattoo composed the entire track [ho! hee! the homograph!].

Originally this spec spot was the baby of Sharpe Blackmore's Mike Sundell, who approached Brian Noon of Traffik Edit to get on board [the train puns will stop soon]. The spot was picked up by the client - congrats to all involved!

Friday Graffiti Selection Game

I came across a blog with some great pieces of graffiti. Unfortunately none of which were credited. If you know which artist each piece belongs to, leave your answers in the comment box.







Thursday, June 11, 2009

Music: Don't Wait Animate

Remember when Nu Rave came out? This just reminded me of The Klaxons. I present to you Don't Wait Animate coming from the London Underground. I really enjoyed the band member listing:

Joe (vocals, guitar)
Bex (electronics)
BT (guitar)
Edd (bass)
Tak (drums)

Myspace: www.myspace.com/dontwaitanimate

Stop Motion Video - WOW!

I thought this was fantastic. But it gets better as the video goes on, I suggest watching the whole thing because someone put in a lot of time, and even more trees were murdered. (worth it)

Seen On The Streets Of Skala Eressos in Lesvos

(via Wooster Collective)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We gots gold!

Last night's 2009 Marketing Awards saw Cossette's 86itjunk.com Campaign win GOLD in the Television Production under $75,000: Campaign category. In the Television Production under $75,000: Single category, GOLD was awarded for "Lick", SILVER for "Chin Music", and BRONZE for "Junk Fight". Tattoo did the sound design on all spots of the campaign. Watch "Lick" here:

Watch how much money we are making!!

At Apple’s WWDC event in San Francisco, Apple had a bunch of Cinema Display monitors mounted together on a wall showing what looked to be some sort of pulsating canvas. But a closer look revealed that it was actually a huge collection of icons for many of the apps available in the App Store, arranged by color. Apparently, when someone purchased one, that app’s icon would pulsate, creating the effect.

While it wasn’t quite real-time, nor was it entirely representative of all the more than 50,000 apps in the App Store, the visualization was pretty damn cool.

Via Tech Crunch

Music: David Ford

I normally would have an aversion to this type of music. Basically anything with a guy and a guitar I tend to steer away from. Have you ever been to a party where someone brings a guitar and insists on performing for everyone? Dreadful.

But I caught David Ford in the LES of NYC last week and the show was phenomenal. Some of it can be lent to his beautiful lyrics, and the fact that he played a variety of instruments, often looping them creating layers of music.

Please check out his myspace, and if he's ever visiting a town near you, then definitely the live show.