Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gig: Green Go CD Release

Green Go 'Borders' CD Release Party
w/ special guests
The Magic
Everything All the Time
Thursday, April 30th
1279 Queen Street West

Artist: Sachiko Kanaizumi

Drawings from Sachiko Kanaizumi

Via Booooooom!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Working with Cardboard

Some amazing artistic talent utilized in these ads for UPS. Here's a couple screenshots.

Image via Computerlove

Agency: Doner
Director: Psyop
See the video at

Follow Up: Stories!

I feel it's really important to the completeness of the blog to follow up the last post with video of the interview that Wavves did for Stories! with Cierra and Tierra. These two will most likely be famous one day.

Video: Wavves at SXSW

This video following Wavves around SXSW made me really happy I'm not in a band that has to be interviewed by bloggers, vloggers, or any other 'ogger that may exist.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time waster

This is far too much fun for end of day Tuesday.

Music Video: Peaches "More"

Here's the video for "More" from the always entertaining electro goddess Peaches.

Think of something other than rain

It's a rainy day here in Toronto, so here is something to inspire you because the weather sure won't. Here are some collaborative works between Lucy Mcrae and Bart Hess. The work explores a grey area between fashion and art to produce some thought invoking and interesting pieces.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Louis Vuitton vs. Takashi Murakami

For the release of the new Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami “Multicolor Spring Pallet” product, the artist has also left his footprint in the LV stores inerior.

You probably will recognize Takashi's work with Kanye West.

(via High Snobiety)


Metronomy's Gabriel Stebbing (Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar) has left the band to concentrate on his work with Your Twenties (

A statement released by Metronomy founding member Joseph Mount reads: "After roughly 3 of years of dedicated service I am sorry to say that Gabriel Stebbing (the good looking one) is slinging his hook and leaving Metronomy.

via This Is Fake DIY

New York Street Advertising Takeover

Jordan Seiler's incrediblely ambitious "New York Street Advertising Takeover" became a reality yesterday, when over 120 illegal billboards throughout the city were white washed by dozens of volunteers.

NYSAT was organized as a reaction to the hundreds of billboards that are not registered with the city, and therefore are illegal. While illegal, these violations are not being prosecuted by the City of New York, allowing the billboard companies to garner huge profits by cluttering our outdoor space with intrusive and ugly ads.

After the illegal spots were white washed, late in the day yesterday over eighty artists transformed these spaces into personal pieces of art.

via Wooster Collective

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009


From the company called Tattoo, you'd better expect some. Here's some beautiful ones from the work of Audrey Kawasaki.

Gig: The Weekend!

The weather in Toronto is going to be phenomenal. Why not get out and experience some music?? Here's a few shows that aren't sold out yet. Check them!

Ladyhawke - Thursday 23rd @ Horseshoe $12.50
Bell Orchestre - Friday 24th @ Courthouse $15.00
Shout Out Out Out Out - Saturday 25th @ Lee's $15.00

Artist: Jared Andrew Schorr

Jared is a California based visual artist who works mostly by cutting paper but draws as well.

Please see his website
or his blog:

File with other amazing artists working with paper: Bombo! and Johnny Kelly

James Jarvis for Nike

A cool video made by James Jarvis for Nike with music by Caribou.

Music: Emil & Friends

Emil & Friends come to us from the great state of Massachusetts. They're an unsigned act that's starting to gain some buzz. They've even done an amazing "rework" of Passion Pit's Sleepy Head, and an actual REMIX of Little Boots New In Town.

Check them on

Music Video: Matt and Kim

Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim have come out with a new video where they embrace their inner nudists in Times Square. They are the cutest couple/band ever.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fashion: Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott

There are just no words to describe Jeremy Scott's new designs for Adidas Originals. Scratch that...there are a few: Safari, The Lion King, Flying Squirrel, Shere Kahn and dare I say...ridiculous?

via The Clones

Comics: Words & Pictures

Words & Pictures is a weekly online comic that follows the adventures of a creative team in a large advertising agency.

Sorry that this one is as big as I can get. But it touches on the hilarity that is the recession. Click on it to ACTUALLY read it and laugh. Laugh at the comic, cry about your non-existent expense account.

Artist: C215

Here's some great street pieces by French graffit artist C215

Gig: Alternative Fashion Week

FASHION: It’s night two of Alternative Fashion Week, and the fun just keeps on strutting. Caitlin Cronenberg unveils some beautiful photography, and the Deadly Nightshades debut their new line of sustainable bike-friendly street clothes before heading over to the great Mill Street Pub for sustainable brew (Coffee Porter, anyone? There's a $5 cover, but it includes a first beer). Music, performances, and more photography add to the experience of the Earth Day "Planet" theme. Distillery District, Fermenting Cellar, and Mill Street Brewery (55 Mill Street) Toronto, 6 p.m.–1:30 a.m., $25.

(via Torontoist)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dust La Rock

Dust La Rock is known for his album cover work for Fool's Gold Records which includes Kid Sister, Kid Cudi, The Cool Kids, and A-Trak. He's art director for Fool's Gold Records, Syintific Skateboards, and also designer-in-residence at Studio B. This Thursday, April 23rd, he'll be showcasing some of his work in a show sponsored by Red Stripe and Fool's Gold. There'll be live DJ sets by Dave1 of Chromeo.

Here's the info:

Doors open at 8pm
Christopher Henry Gallery
127 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013

Website: Muxtape

A new music social networking site has been born. Muxtape. It works in much the same way that myspace has allowed artists to reach their fans. Pretty much exactly the same. The main difference is the site is by invite only. This is an attempt to weed out the musical riff raff. Right now it has a small but decent roster (Little Boots, Vulture Realty, Girl Talk, Of Montreal) which will continue to grow. The interface is very basic and gives you an overview of a band in minimal form. All the features aren't operating as of yet, but will eventually include playlists and downloads as well.

Overall it seems alright. Or potentially could be alright once it grows. But it all seems a bit cliquey to be honest. Doesn't it?

Artist: Gary Taxali

If you're from Toronto and don't know who Gary Taxali is...then I ask you to watch this video so you do know him.

"Off the Wall" Featuring Gary Taxali from on Vimeo.

Music: Data District

Here's some 80s electro that comes from us from sunny California. Musician, producer, DJ - Data District. Could be put into the same boat as Cut Copy, M83, and even Pnau. Kids eat this up. I just really want to be a kid again.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Please add us
Don't make us summon the FAIL WHALE!!

Tattoo to Sponsor Portfolio Night 7

We're happy to announce that we'll be sponsoring Portfolio Night 7 here in the T Dot. It's a great event put on by our friends at ihaveanidea. For more info on Portfolio Night, click here.

We sponsored Portfolio Night 5 back in the day and had the joys of co-creating fictitious band Burnback with ihaveanidea's Brett McKenzie. Of the 4 songs Tattoo composed for Burnback, "Make The Logo Bigger" was the one that took the cake.

For old times sake, have a listen here.

Portfolio Night 7
, we can't wait to see you!

The Joys of April 21 - 24th

KINGS OF LEON will be in Toronto tomorrow evening [April 21st], followed by LILY ALLEN on the 22nd, followed by NDIDI ONUKWULU on the 24th.

We're so excited that we've even bought diapers.

Music: Little Boots

I was listening to some Little Boots this weekend and realized I probably hadn't blogged about her on here. So I present to you...Little Boots!

She's a British electro pop sensation at the moment. She was actually on Pop Idol when she was 16, but now the hipsters have taken her up as their own. She's even collaborated with Hot Chip. Here's a video of her perfoming her track Meddle in her bedroom. It solidifies how mesmerizing she is.

TA2 Gallery: Lizzie Vickery

We've just added some more art to the walls at TA2 Gallery. This time some we have some photography by Lizzie Vickery. The large-scale prints are done very little justice displayed online, but here is a sneak preview of some pieces displayed as well as others in the series.

Lizzie has captured a miniature world with her camera. That's right, these are miniture displays! The shots are then blown up to a large scale which can make the viewer feel completely immersed in the action. HONEY, I SHRUNK TA2 GALLERY!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Video: Johnny Kelly "The Seed"

We showed you Johnny Kelly yesterday. Now here's a video of some of his work in action.

The Seed from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

Kitsune Dress-off!!

Kitsune's releasing their seventh compilation entitled "7". Featuring break through artists that the cool kids will know about it. Also they're releasing their new collection of their fashion label to stores. Which all the cool (rich) kids will be wearing. Here's a video that shows how two of said kids mate. I think.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gig: Awesome New Republic and Stryofoam Ones

Tonight at The Drake.
Awesome New Republic
Styrofoam Ones
Doors @ 9pm
Cover $10

I really suggest you do this.

New Favorite Store: Boudoir, Vancouver

I love this store for many reasons. For one, their clothes! The casual funk of their garments still manage to be ladylike and tailored, emulating the opening statement on their website: "we’re bringing pretty back". Damn straight. I've also got a love for their bunch of sass when describing their collections: "there’s a good chance the girl you love to hate won’t be wearing the same thing." Up top with the claws out! Snap!

Ten points for braving the cold Vancouver forests to shoot their very own LookBook - an online photo gallery of new stuff for spring 2009. Boudoir's got guts, girlies... whoever takes couture to the mountains is definitely a friend of mine.

Images are from Boudoir's 2009 Spring LookBook.
To view, click here.

Artist: Johnny Kelly

Johnny Kelly was born in Ireland and now works and resides in the UK. He's an animator and illustrator who does some phenomenal work with paper. Creating these vibrant sculptures and then capturing them with photographs. First is a mask commissioned by Don't Panic.

And here is an amazing mask that I wish I could wear around all the time. My superhero name would be BAR GRAPH. Intimidating.

Giving Bombo a run for his money.

You can find more on his website and flickr.