Monday, November 30, 2009

Just for Scooter

It's the blog post you've been waiting all year for. Forget DJ Hero. Forget 2Fresh Showcases. Forget hot tracks, record releases and rad illustrators...

is playing at the Bloor Cinema on Friday, December 18th!!!!


Shame we'll be at the Christmas Party! Even bigger shame that I'm serious about being disappointed.

For showtimes, click here.

Hi My Name Is....Tote

Adding a bit of customization to its army of bag creations, Japanese bagmakers Porter develop a new series of bags alongside FLAVOR, each playing off the classic “Hello My Name Is” theme with the ability to outfit them in your selected name choice. Two different sizes are available, each produced in nine different two-tone hues. All look to soon become live through Anout Commune.

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The Story of "The Pink Lady of Malibu"

One Saturday morning, on October 29, 1966, a massive 60-foot-tall painting of a nude pink lady holding flowers suddenly appeared as you headed into the tunnel on Malibu Canyon Road.

As word of the massive pink lady spread, and the traffic on the highway grew to a halt, city officials decided "The Pink Lady" had to be removed. Firefighters were called to hosing her off the rocks. It didn't work. Buckets of paint thinner were thrown on the rocks. It only made her pink skin pinker.

As county officials worked on figuring out a way to remove The Pink Lady, a 31-year-old paralegal from Northridge, a woman named Lynne Seemayer, suddenly showed up on the road and admitted that she was the artist who did the piece.

Seemayer said that she was annoyed by the graffiti that was all over the canyon wall ("Valley Go Home" was a memorable slogan) and so, over a 10 month period, she started to secretly climb up under the moonlight and suspended herself by ropes to remove the graffiti.

At 8 P. M. on October 28 Seemayer painted the Pink Lady using ordinary house paint. By dawn it was done.

The Pink Lade lasted only a week. Seemayer sued LA county for $1 million for the destruction of her work, and the county counter-sued for $28,000 in removal costs. Since the painting was on private property, both cases were dismissed by the court.

On Thursday, November 3, workers covered the painting with 14 gallons of brown paint.

via Wooster Collective

Friday, November 27, 2009

Amazing Stop Motion

Colenso BBDO for the New Zealand Book Council.

Ta2 Gallery: Katherine Piro

Have you come down and checked out some of the artwork currently hanging on the walls at Tattoo? I'm going to be showcasing some of the artists who are showing work in our space. If you're in the GTA, you really should come and check it out.

Born in the USA. She moved to Canada at 19. She is a multidisciplinary artist, including painting, portraiture and illustration, and sculpture, murals, and make-up arts.

She has attended various schools including; Nazareth College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Ontario College of Art and Design, and the Toronto School of Art.

She currently lives and works in Toronto.

You can find more of Katherine's work on her website.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Zoo Art

Zoo Art’ is the term Amsterdam-based artist Esty Gertzman might prefer to call her plush characters. It is a collection of fantasy figures and animals, which are hand-made of wool, felt and plush fabrics since Esty started to share her passion in 1991.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Justis ft. Rufus - Tryn to Live

Tryn to Live from sammy rawal on Vimeo.

Here's a new video out directed by Sammy Rawal, friend of Ta2. Some of you will remember Sammy showed some fantastic prints at our first 2Fresh showcase. Others with an even keener eye will recognize the illustrations in the video to be from the talented Juliana Neufeld.


Via fuckyeahskinnybitch

Do Not Adjust Your Mind, There Is A Fault In Reality

CHOP CUP from :weareom: on Vimeo.

The end of this video is WELL worth it. Stick through it for once people.

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Souther Salazar

Images via Jonathan Levine Gallery

Please visit for more info

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wizard Smoke

Wizard Smoke from Salazar on Vimeo.

Directed by: Liam Mitchell

Music Video: Jookabox "Don't Go Phantom"

Don´t go Phantom from Rafa Toro on Vimeo.

director, animation, & design:
Rafa Toro

Gregory Pepper and His Problems

If I was giving out "Band of the Month" awards, Gregory Pepper and His Problems would win. "With Trumpets Flaring" is the album and I can say it's pretty fantastic all the way through. Turns out that he's been nominated for a Bucky in the category of "Best New Band" name. I think that's on point.

Check out his myspace.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vampire Weekend - Cousins

Vampire Weekend are coming up on their sophmore release. Who's excited?

The Selby

God bless Todd Selby & his insane photography collection of creative people in their creative spaces. Toronto places have yet to make it on the list, so Todd... consider this an invitation.

View The Selby here.

2FRESH: 3rd Edition Showcase

We had a fantastic time hosting the 3rd edition of 2Fresh. Our art and music showcase saw another packed house, a fantastic set by electro-pop superstars Green Go, and the walls filled with some inspiring and talented pieces by many amazing artists. Thanks to everyone who came out and was part of the great event.