Monday, April 29, 2013

Coming soon to TA2!

The newest addition to the TA2 family starts on May 1st!  Keep your ears open for the details droppin' soon.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Art of Acoustic Diffusers - The Eccentricity of Wood

Recently we completed some renovations at the studio and if you've been by lately you may be wondering "what's with all the wood kicking about on the wall in Studio 1?".

Well, the three attractive panels mounted on the wall actually act as acoustic diffusers.  Designed by Canada's own Olga Oreshyna, the panels are made entirely out of wood with an iregular pattern to scatter the sound waves thoroughly, thus, functioning as diffusers.

Olga's panels are not only acoustically effective for sound absorption they bring a creative and earthy touch to our space.

Come drop by and check them out!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Music for your Mouth - "Lisa Marie" Restaurant, Queen St. West

Photo credit: Jesse Milns

There's a great new restaurant that has recently opened on the west side of town with a rock and roll themed space.

Head on over 638 Queen St. West and get the skinny on how Toronto's getting "All Shook Up"! 

Check out BlogTO's article as well here.

Let us know what you think.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Cure for Jayden - Stem Cell Donation Drive

Little Jayden was recently diagnosed with a disease called MDS which will likely develop into AML Leukaemia. In order to survive, Jayden will need to desperately find a stem cell/bone marrow match in the coming weeks.

There will be two locations for the Toronto Stem Cell/bone marrow Drive:

If you are between the ages of 17-50 you can register. All that is required is a simple cheek swab in order to see if you could be a match. For more information please visit: or follow on twitter @Cureforjayden

We are reaching out to ask for your help. The Stem Cell Donation Drive is this Sunday and as such we are asking everyone to go and get swabbed.

Please share this with your contacts to help find a match for Jayden! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TA2 April Showcase - Heathers

Last night we were thrilled to host a listening party to showcase an acoustic set from the talented female duo "Heathers".

Siblings Louise and Ellie Macnamara gained international recognition from their debut album Here, Not There released in 2010.  Today marks the landmark of the 2013 album release, Kingdom.  Go to iTunes and check out their single "Forget Me Knots" here.

They had the chance to perform at the pre-Academy Awards event "Oscar Wilde: Honoring the Irish in Film, held at Bad Robot Productions in LA & have secured various music placements in television such as 90210. 

Heathers, hailing from Dublin, Ireland did a kick ass job at the showcase showing off their solid harmonies and tightly woven abstract guitar skills. 

Big shout outs to Sony Music for getting in touch with us!  Everyone had a great time!

If we've peaked your interest they will be playing at the Supermarket this Wednesday evening. 

Stay tuned for an audible treat from the event dropping soon.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Webby Awards 2013 - TA2 Official Honoree!

The Nominees and Honorees of the 17th Annual Webby Awards have been announced today and we're pleased to note that we've been selected as an Official Honoree in the Best Home/Welcome Page category as well as an Official Honoree in the Best Visual Design category!

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences has acknowledged outstanding entries as Official Honorees,  alongside the Official Nominees.   A total of 11,000 entries were recieved from 50 US states as well as over 60 countries.  The Official Honoree distinction is awarded to the top 15% of all work entered.

Special thanks to Derek Blais for overseeing the creative process and Joel Lee for his exceptional design skills!

For more information on the Official Honorees and Nominees click here.

We're thrilled to be an industry leader alongside the web's best and brightest!

Head on over to to see what all the buzz is about.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mountain Dew - DEWmocracy

Above is the latest and greatest spot that we just wrapped with the talented team at BBDO for Mountain Dew! 

It introduces four new flavours that are coming to Canada but only one will survive.  Consumer votes dictate which one will stay.  Vote for your fav flav and you could win $50, 000 + a part of the prize.
Which one will you choose?  Code Red?  White Out?  Voltage?  Super Nova? 

Head over to to place your vote! 

Producer:  Beatrice Bodough
Art Director:  Craig Brandon
Copywriter:   Johnny Pavacic
Tattoo Sound + Music:  Original Music
Tattoo Sound + Music:  SFX
Audio Director:  Steve Gadsden

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rashers - The Healthy Discount

Working in the east end boasts endless options for tasty lunch spots and niche boutiques. 

Rasher's is a fairly new gourmet bacon sandwich shop just up the street from us and is without a doubt one of our fav spots to hit up.

They recently came up with a very clever digital contest.  Did you ever think you'd see our wonderful city etched out as a pig? Well now you can.  Rasher's is offering a 30% discount off of six varieties of sandwich's (yes, they do offer a vegetarian grilled cheese which is included in the promotion too).  The campaign reaches out to runners and cyclists across the city who can record their progress on a smartphone exercise app.   The challenge you ask?  Run a course through the streets of the city in the form of a pig and receive a discounted sandwich!

To find out more about the promo check out The Toronto Star's full article here.

Head on over to their Facebook page here.  We're sure you're bound to "like"!

Chips Ahoy! Extras - Big City

Last year, Nabisco introduced a new brand of cookies called "Ahoy! Extras".   
This commercial "Big City" showcased a terrified little cookie trying to meander it's way through a busy cityscape.  A woman stops to talk to the cute and soft cookie to realize it has a surprisingly deep baritone voice. He let's her know that although he maybe little, the chocolate chips are full of mouthwatering peanut butter.   

Let us re-introduce you to this adorable spot that we had a blast working on with our friends at DraftFCB.
Proof that good things come in small packages!
Agency: DraftFCB 
Producer:  Kelly Cavanaugh 
Art Director: Braeden Laverty 
Copywriter: Santiago Fernandez-Concha 
Audio Director:  Tyson Kuteyi