Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We want SPOTIFY!

The next big thing to be making it across the music industry is Spotify, a search engine-esque jukebox of practically every song ever written. All you need to do is download & install and you can be listening to any song your wee musical heart desires FOR FREE. Move over, iTunes! You can even make playlists for friends and coworkers. The only problematic thing to Spotify is that you can't download the music files themselves, so they make a permanent home only within your Spotify account. No MP3 or iPod transfers here. As well, in order for that "free" bit to happen, a good ole advert pops up every five songs or so. If this annoys you, you can purchase an ad-free Spotify account for a monthly fee.

Sounds too good to be true!! Unfortunately for us CANADIANS, Spotify is not yet available in our country due to licensing restrictions. However, send them your email address here and hopefully due to maximum Canadianus volume we can get on that sh*t.

For the rest of you non-Canadians, enjoy Spotify! Know that we're deeply jealous of your free playlists and hate you.

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