Monday, November 29, 2010

Artist: Amanda Nedham

“Like Milk & Blood”, drawings by Amanda Nedham
via Booooooom

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OWLS by artist Josh Brill

You can order prints at the Lumadessa website starting at $20.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TA2:: Dangerous Dan's Radio & Print Campaign

Words by Katherine Vankoughnet

Let it be known that after over a decade of business, Dangerous Dan’s still lives up to its name — and to prove it, Toronto’s infamous east-end diner is unveiling a no-holds-barred ad campaign that plays on the restaurant’s reputation for indulging customers in spectacular feats of gluttony.

And with a menu of mouth-watering monstrosities that includes The Coronary Burger Special (Two 8 oz. beef patties, bacon, cheese and a fried egg), The Big Kevorkian and other alarmingly-titled gems, it’s safe to say that owner James McKinnon isn’t one to shy away from controversy… in fact, he embraces it.

In an attempt to push the envelope further, a dual-themed campaign was devised to bring to light the menu’s two main selling points: it’s stoner-friendly and perilously unhealthy. And yes, in a time of whole food revolutions and obesity epidemics, McKinnon adopting a marketing strategy that wears its irreparably damaged heart on its sleeve seems, appropriately, downright dangerous. But that’s the idea.

Spearheading the project, which rolls out this month, is Tattoo Sound + Music with creative director Drew Frohmann at the helm. The audio house developed a series of radio and print ads appealing to the largest market of late-night, grease-loving chowhounds: post-secondary students.

With the radio ads airing exclusively on CKLN, Ryerson University’s campus radio station, Frohmann and his team realized they could take certain creative liberties with the content that the younger, thicker-skinned audience afforded them. The nine unscripted spots were cut from an “authentic” recording session at the Tattoo Sound + Music studios, where a small group of employees put the Dangerous Dan’s delivery service through its paces. The clips feature enlightened conversations on frisbee golf, Grease and aging tattooed genitals — the type of frivolity that any good marijuana-fuelled discussion is made of — and are cut with bong sound effects for added context. [Hear the Radio spots here.]

For the accompanying print series, the much lauded creative director Israel Diaz, and his David & Goliath team were brought in to execute the visuals and capture the essence of the restaurant’s fare.

“We wanted to convey the sense of greasiness in everything from the images, to the graphics and the copy — and they hit it bang on,” Frohmann says. Pictures of triple-stacked burgers dripping with sauces and cheese grasped in eager, anonymous hands accompanied by factious slogans like, “While we still have health care,” and, “It’s 4:20 somewhere,” are taking on a life of their own, exceeding expectations of exposure. The posters are now being coveted as Dangerous Dan’s collector memorabilia, selling in the restaurant next to a sign stating, appropriately: “Food Porn - $1”.

Agency: Tattoo Sound + Music / David & Goliath
Creative Directors: Drew Frohmann / Israel Diaz
Producer: Heather Fletcher
Copywriters: Drew Frohmann / Dave Barber
Art Director: Mike Lonam
Photographer: My Yen Trung
Radio Production: Tattoo Sound + Music

Music Video: Primary 1 (ft. Harry Tuttle) - Never Know

Monday, November 8, 2010

Chewing Gum Artist: Ben Wilson

(Images via Kuriositas)

Ben Wilson takes his canvas on the pieces of chewed up gum that pedestrians discard on the streets of London. One part bringing some color to this discarded material, the other, bringing some notice to the problem of people spitting gum on the streets. Whatever the result, this is very creative.

earjam iPhone app

We've developed a new iPhone application at Tattoo to get creatives a chance to hear some music they might not of heard. Our licensing department is constantly listening to new music on a daily basis. We decided we should share some of the best with you. A monthly list of new songs will be released, and any that are available on iTunes will be available for you to download.

You can find the application by clicking here. Or searching "earjam" on the application store.

Friday, November 5, 2010

TA2:: Canadian Tire - Winter Happens Fast

Ever have those days where you leave the house wearing nothing but garden clogs and shorts only to find yourself knee deep in a snowbank 5 hours later? Ah, the Great Canadian Winter. Long live it. Check out this hilarious campaign from Taxi for Canadian Tire highlighting just how quickly winter hits us.

PRODUCER: Aggie Brook
MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN: Tattoo Sound + Music

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Miwa Matreyek's glorious visions | Video on

Miwa Matreyek's glorious visions | Video on

TA2:: Scents of America - Gain

AGENCY: Leo Burnett
PRODUCER: Julie Caniglia
ART DIRECTOR: Anthony Chelvanathan
COPYWRITER: Steve Persico
MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN: Tattoo Sound + Music

Ta2 Gallery: Erin Hogue

Our gallery at Ta2 studios is now featuring 6 photography prints by Toronto based artist Erin Hogue:

Please visit her website here and see more of her works.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TA2:: Vail Resort TV - Crispin Porter + Bogusky Colorado

Tattoo's latest adventure in Sound Design brings us to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for the newest Vail Resort TV spot from Crispin Porter + Bogusky [US].

AGENCY: Crispin Porter + Bogusky Colorado
DIRECTORS: Purchase Brothers
SOUND DESIGN: Tattoo Sound + Music

In the TA2 studio: Fleeceleeves

We had Fleeceleeves through the studio a couple weeks ago recording some music with Laurence Currie producing.

Monday, November 1, 2010