Thursday, June 18, 2009

Social Networking Site: Hunch

So Twitter is gradually taking North America by storm, Facebook is still on the up and up, Myspace is the pimply teenager no one wants to dance with and Spotify is the cool kid who won't even go to the dance [come to Canada. Come on, Spotify! We wear spandex].

Next up is Flickr's Hunch, a decision based think tank all about you. Yes, someone's actually managed to take the narcissism of Facebook, the nihilistic broadcast capabilities of Twitter and combined it all together to help you make real life decisions about yourself. First, you need to Teach Hunch About You, a section of the site that asks you multiple choice questions centred around numerous scenarios. i.e. "Do you rent or own your own home?" or "In how many languages (including your native language) could you call a restaurant and make a reservation?"

From these options, Hunch begins to filter a think tank profile of what type of person you are and how you are most likely to make decisions. It may seem a bit too "Have you ever?" for some social networkers, but Hunch allows the glorified "Skip This Question" option for topics you may be out to lunch on, or simply don't want to answer.

From there, you can go on to post a Topic - either a decision you're needing help on, i.e. "Should I visit Europe?" or to partake in someone else's Topic, i.e. "Should I eat cheese or wine for breakfast?". Hunch will provide you with YOUR results and include you in a percentage of others who have taken the same Topic quiz. Of course, there's a Pros & Cons section underneath your topic results so that GirlySqueal92 can post "I got wine! LOL ROTFL!" But hey, this is social networking after all, and GirlySqueal92 needs her vent space.

Much like a bicycle the more you ride it the easier it gets. The more you Hunch, the more accurate their decision results will be for you. Nobody wants a rusty Hunch, so get on it!

Exciting times for internet evolution. Dare we say we've reached the po-mo era of networking sites? Good one Flickr! We got a hunch you'll like it! Ho! Hee! Someone had to go there.

Hunch it here.

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