Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rashers - The Healthy Discount

Working in the east end boasts endless options for tasty lunch spots and niche boutiques. 

Rasher's is a fairly new gourmet bacon sandwich shop just up the street from us and is without a doubt one of our fav spots to hit up.

They recently came up with a very clever digital contest.  Did you ever think you'd see our wonderful city etched out as a pig? Well now you can.  Rasher's is offering a 30% discount off of six varieties of sandwich's (yes, they do offer a vegetarian grilled cheese which is included in the promotion too).  The campaign reaches out to runners and cyclists across the city who can record their progress on a smartphone exercise app.   The challenge you ask?  Run a course through the streets of the city in the form of a pig and receive a discounted sandwich!

To find out more about the promo check out The Toronto Star's full article here.

Head on over to their Facebook page here.  We're sure you're bound to "like"!

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