Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chips Ahoy! Extras - Big City

Last year, Nabisco introduced a new brand of cookies called "Ahoy! Extras".   
This commercial "Big City" showcased a terrified little cookie trying to meander it's way through a busy cityscape.  A woman stops to talk to the cute and soft cookie to realize it has a surprisingly deep baritone voice. He let's her know that although he maybe little, the chocolate chips are full of mouthwatering peanut butter.   

Let us re-introduce you to this adorable spot that we had a blast working on with our friends at DraftFCB.
Proof that good things come in small packages!
Agency: DraftFCB 
Producer:  Kelly Cavanaugh 
Art Director: Braeden Laverty 
Copywriter: Santiago Fernandez-Concha 
Audio Director:  Tyson Kuteyi

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