Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Styrobots ATTACK!

Artist Michael A. Salter is an associate professor of digital arts at the University of Oregon who, in his downtime, builds massive robots out of recycled “polystyrene”–a Styrofoam commonly used for shipping electronics.

Salter’s ‘Styrobots’ range from 2.5-feet (the little guy above) to 15-feet (the big guy above) to his largest creation, a 21-foot-fall behemoth who lives at San Jose University.

The ‘Styrobots’ are currently on display at an exhibit called, “Robots: A Cultural Icon in Contemporary Art” at Wichita State University’s ‘Ulrich Museum of Art.’ The exhibit runs through December 18, 2009.

Check out a video showing how these guys are built.

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