Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Glow in the dark calculator watch

There’s no real reason anyone needs to wear a watch with a built-in calculator these days, unless you’re trying to look super-cool of course. In that case you’ll want to go with the Datamat from Vestal. With a classic segmented LCD display and 16 button keypad it’s as basic a calculator watch as you’re going to find, but the polyurethane band and neon green or yellow color palettes keep it straddling the fence between geeky and cool. Unless you go with the black model, then there’s no question you’re a nerd.

via Vestal


McTalls said...

my calc watch doesnt glow in the dark

it also broke... i want this.

POPRAT said...
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POPRAT said...

I want this watch! Where can I buy it? More calculator watches available from POPRAT