Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Favorite Store: Boudoir, Vancouver

I love this store for many reasons. For one, their clothes! The casual funk of their garments still manage to be ladylike and tailored, emulating the opening statement on their website: "we’re bringing pretty back". Damn straight. I've also got a love for their bunch of sass when describing their collections: "there’s a good chance the girl you love to hate won’t be wearing the same thing." Up top with the claws out! Snap!

Ten points for braving the cold Vancouver forests to shoot their very own LookBook - an online photo gallery of new stuff for spring 2009. Boudoir's got guts, girlies... whoever takes couture to the mountains is definitely a friend of mine.

Images are from Boudoir's 2009 Spring LookBook.
To view, click here.

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