Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Website: Muxtape

A new music social networking site has been born. Muxtape. It works in much the same way that myspace has allowed artists to reach their fans. Pretty much exactly the same. The main difference is the site is by invite only. This is an attempt to weed out the musical riff raff. Right now it has a small but decent roster (Little Boots, Vulture Realty, Girl Talk, Of Montreal) which will continue to grow. The interface is very basic and gives you an overview of a band in minimal form. All the features aren't operating as of yet, but will eventually include playlists and downloads as well.

Overall it seems alright. Or potentially could be alright once it grows. But it all seems a bit cliquey to be honest. Doesn't it?


Jen said...

Just to clarify, Muxtape's been around since early last year, has it not?  but got shut down in the summer and is now relaunching.  I just checked though, and apparently my old account no longer exists... though the site still looks pretty much the same.  Muxtape Wikipedia entry

Scooter said...

Exactly. I guess I never really considered it to be what it said it was since it was only those 6 or 8 bands until this week when they allowed the invites.

What do you think of the idea?

justin ouellette said...

Thanks for the post. To clarify: the site is invite-only right now to prevent abuse and allow us to stay on top of bugs and issues that arise as the site grows. It has nothing to do with weeding out musical riffraff; the bands on the site control who gets invited, there's no criteria to meet or filtering process by us.

We launched the site with a limited group to demonstrate what was possible with the platform. The other option would've been to keep it in hiding for months while we worked on it, which didn't make any sense to us. We've always said we'd open the site wider once it reached it certain point in its development, and now it has.