Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sound & Visuals Collide - Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Photo credit:  Markus Tretter 

Lost in the Memory Palace is an installation at the AGO by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller that runs April 6th - August 18, 2013.  The installation depicts the ambiguous landscape in which we explore the relationship between what we see and what we hear. 

The above photo showcases one of the multiple imaginary situations of the installation 'The 40 Part Motet" where time becomes less active and changes.  Thus, allowing various narratives to blend and engage the viewer through a unique environment.  "The 40 Part Motet" consists of 40 speakers mounted on stands, placed in an oval pattern with amplifiers & playback computer.    The duration of the experience is fourteen minutes long, loops for  eleven minutes and has three minutes of intermission.

I encourage you to go and check out this creative exhibit while it lasts! 
To see more from the British Columbia duo and their upcoming installations click on the link below. 

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