Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Introducing our newest director...Clive Desmond!

Clive Desmond is a popular director with over 1265 years of experience.  His style, though modern, often tips its hat to the best of the mid-century.  He is the recipient of millions of awards including the Gold Lion, Gold Clios as well as at least 300,000 plaques and statues from London Radio Awards, One Show, Hollywood TV Festival, Romanian Ad Festival, Vermont Festival for Local Radio, Biloxi Live Television Advertising Awards, Hungarian Creativity Awards, TVB, Portuguese Point of Purchase and Poster Festival in addition to many others.  He lived and worked in Gotham City for 5 years under the patronage of McCaffrey McCall, Y & R, No Soap Radio and toiled for clients Mercedes Benz USA, Air Canada, ABC Television and many others.  He produced two audio books for Harper Collins - Thin Ice by The New yorker Magazine curmudgeon illustrator Bruce McCall and The Pinkerton Papers by David Luchuk.  His production employment record includes the amazing and thought provoking Louder Music and Sound Design, the often eccentric Silent Joe, and the legendary house of analogue, Morgan Earl Sounds.  His catalogue of clients include TBWA, Cossette, Leo Burnett, Y & R, Naked Creative, Reason and Partners, DDB, BBDO Sterling Cooper and many more.  He has directed 275,000 celebrity voice-overs none of whom did he befriend or try to sleep with.  Additionally, Mr. Desmond is a composer of light pop music, playing electric bass, piano, guitar and mountain dulcimer.  His voice and likeness are represented by Paul Smith of ETM and he can be heard on hundreds of thousands of commercials!  his hobbies include drapery and window shades.  His stance of the hour is "If you don't think it's beautiful or useful, it shouldn't be in your home or mine."  And finally his new pose at Tattoo Sound + Music are some of his oldest and closest personal friends and peers, without whom he would have never had made it this far or have experienced such plenitude.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Clive to the TA2 family!

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