Monday, November 12, 2012

Jake Zeldin - Inside Edition Interview


Got a call in mid October asking if our studio could be used for piece showcasing Lil' Jaxe (Jake Zeldin) to be aired on Inside Edition.

This 13 year old rapper has been getting alot of press lately with an interview on CTV, performing at the Argo's half-time game this past Sunday, as well as sharing the stage with Reema Major & Waka Flocka on the Triple for Life Tour.

This incredible story depicts how his hard work, dedication and unfailing ability to not let his stutter hold him back has transformed into undeniable success. 

Way to go Jake!   The sky's the limit from here.   It was a pleasure having you at the stu.  Until next time.

Many thanks to the whole team involved, Philippe at G7 Records and Pascal at Lone Wolf Artists!

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