Thursday, June 28, 2012

Topanga Unveils New Song, Roll Out Canadian Tour Dates

You can stream or download the track from this link.  Full article in in here.

Oh yeah, they just got signed with a Japanese record label:

English translation to the write up:

"Sound of lightning burst leave the band a year of unprecedented Topanga! Come Wakamusha of <age of 10 born and raised tropical indie 90s). Rock new powers from Canada.  Topanga hottest bands making great strides in just a few months Japan has debuted with great fanfare. Physical limit of the world's firs EP "Lionheart" to "Oceans" CD was rare vinyl-only release, was his debut release, was added to the two songs as a bonus track further Unused Track CD (CD).  Produce by Jon Drew engaged in Tokyo Police Club, the Fucked Up!"

You get the point...

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