Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Drew poisons minds of young writers at Humber College

Last week, writer/director Drew Frohmann gave a scintillating (he claims) lecture to the post-grad copywriting class at Humber College. Instructor (and award-winning writer at Riddoch Communications) Natalie Antaya invited Drew to come talk about the wonders of radio. Armed with a slew of great radio spots and some fancy cue cards, Drew talked about why radio is a giant invisible sandbox, gave tips on how to write great radio, how to write crap radio, and told a couple of dirty jokes to boot. Thanks to the lovely Nat A. for the opportunity, and to the students for being so smart and nice enough to clap at the end!

One of the spots Drew played for the class, from the award-winining National Thoroughbred Association campaign can be found here.

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