Thursday, May 27, 2010


We're all Gay for Advertising, and now it's time to show it. Straight from the desk of Brendan Watson, ADE [Art Director Extraordinare] is this call to voting action. Gay for Advertising is in the running to win the Best Promo Vid for this year's PN8. It's time to start exercising your clicky clicks to support the home crowd:

Alright team – this is a call to arms. Voting on the best Portfolio Night Promo video has begun and we need your help. Right now it’s a tight race between Toronto and Philadelphia and I’ll be damned if I let those cheese-steak eaters beat us.

We all worked way too hard on this to take anything other than first place. Please visit the link below and vote. And then vote again. And then send it to your friends. And then vote again. Tweet. Facebook. Do whatever you need to do.

Let's go to war on this one, kids. Much love from the Tattoo gang.

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