Thursday, April 15, 2010

Music: Picture Book

Picture Book are a three piece electronic audio visual pop act. The band comprise of Faroese singer Greta (vocals/violin) and brothers Dario (beats/percussion) and Lorne (guitar/percussion) from New York, now all based in Liverpool, UK.

They are not your average trio, blending dreamy three part harmonies over eclectic beats ranging from dance and dub step to hip hop. The band write classic pop songs set to a backdrop of beautifully produced soundscapes, live percussion, interspersed with guitar hooks to die for and haunting violin solos.

Their shows are an explosion on the senses, aurally they encapsulate whilst their performance is nothing short of breath taking. The bands ethereal sound is complimented with optical delights which have to be beheld, through their atmospheric visual projections by lead singer Greta’s sister, Lady Autumn.

Comparisons have been made to the likes of Goldfrapp, Kosheen and Bjork, however, comparison as they say are odious. They are a band which have every base covered gorgeous, watchable with fantastic songs, sounds and visuals.

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