Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'll maybe wake up for this. Maybe.

Just in stock from Think Geek is the Alien Hunt Alarm Clock ($18.99). It’s not everyday that you find an interactive waker-upper; one that you must shoot with a pistol in order to keep on snoozing. Here’s how it works, via TG’s always witty product copy:

“The greenish egg on the top of this clock may look innocent until it’s time to wake up. When the alarm goes off a alien pops out of the egg with flashing red eyes and beings laughing evilly at you. Pick up the included laser pistol from your bedside table and blast the Alien into oblivion to shut it up.”

We can only imagine that accuracy is key here, so during the trials of missing shot after shot, we might just throw this thing up against the wall. Otherwise, it’s a great invention! The alarm clock comes packaged with the aforementioned pistol and was designed in the UK.

via The Jailbreak

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