Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It’s one thing to paint on a wall. It’s another thing to translate the spirits that live within the walls into viewable masterworks. Graffiti, street art: these are just keywords. The works you see in this post are among the newest paintings made by Gualicho, painter and animator from Buenos Aires. He’s lived there all his life, but travels to paint.

,These paintings are in Costa Rica and Cuba.

The works I’d like you to pay the most attention to are above and below, large format. If you’d like to look at the rest of the gallery, I wont stop you. Those paintings are all made in 2009 also, and also in Costa Rica and Cuba.

He [Gualicho] defines his style as post or neo-graffiti, though he also works vastly on canvas, paper and other materials. Since 2001 he co-manages Barfuss, an animation studio, where he has created pieces for several international companies

via World Famous Design Junkies

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