Monday, October 5, 2009

Hail Dave!

Tattoo's Dave Clarke caused quite the stir as Toronto's Messiah of Traditional Communication during Nuit Blanche on Saturday, October 3rd.

The Clarke sat for 12 hours from sunset to sunrise on a stage outside of Old City Hall. Under a sign saying "Hey Dave!", he had one motive and one motive only: to talk face to face with the people of Toronto.

It didn't take long for Hey Dave! to establish the reputation of being a must-see event. Upon advising the crowds on their lives, answering many questions, taking many photos and shaking many hands, Dave Clarke became the city's go-to guy. Long live Dave the mentor, Dave the pal!

Hey, Dave! Thank you for being awesome.

Dave Listens.

Dave Consoles!

Dave gives handshakes.

Dave brings joy!

Dave draws crowds!

Dave draws signs!

More photos of Dave here.

Read more about Hey Dave! here.

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