Monday, July 6, 2009

Sego y Ovbal

Initially his love for graffiti was ignited by the writer’s works he observed in the streets of Mexico City, shortly after he choose to take the next step and stand in front of a wall decided to leave a mark with aerosol paint. His works showcased him in an instinctive way but also with a natural composition and a clear know-how of color use. It became more than a hobby, and he started to spend most of his time doing sketches and illustrating his ideas in a paper sheet that later on would transfer to a wall. Being immersed in that creative process next step was practice, than lead him to develop a particular style and technique, and was the beginning of an evolving process in his works. Many of his visual and conceptual goals had to do with his childhood and the atmosphere that surrounded him. When he was 12 years old he lived in Oaxaca State for 2 years and suddenly found himself in a totally different environment than that of Mexico City. Vegetation, flora, fauna and the lifestyles of Oaxaca were all different from what he knew at the time. Later on when working on murals, in a subconsciously way he started to add elements, colors, textures and forms from that time lapse in Oaxaca. After four years working as Sego he develops a totally different visual project, inspired by his need of new creative ways of share his ideas. Oval is part of a experimental process that flows as a dynamic aesthetics way of doing graffiti in Mexico. Based on music and the graphic representation of decibels as main inspiration as well as music player equalizers, those are the roots of a more abstract work. Sego has somehow managed to continue the two projects, and at least a couple of times joined the two in a wall.


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