Thursday, April 2, 2009

Opening: TOPSHOP

Hallo Fashion Lovas!

I can hardly type I'm so excited. Today is a glorious, GLORIOUS day!!

TOPSHOP has finally opened its first North American location in New York today [of course, where else?!]. Thanks be to Kate Moss and J-LO who helped to kick off the festivities last night in good ole NYC.

Now please join me in a prayer for Dundas Square:

Dear Lord of Heavenly Couture and Beaded, Beautiful Things,
Hear our cries oh Lord, and have mercy, for H&M is not nearly enough.
We know you know how much our Toronto ladies deserve a British fashionista invasion [and at affordable retail prices].
Please send us a TOPSHOP of our own so we can remain to be inspired by the outfits of Kate Moss, Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy.
By the name of the Feather, the Sequin and the Holey Cardigan,

For more on TOPSHOP, click here.

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