Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gig: Wavves

I went to check out Wavves at Sneaky Dee's in Toronto last night. I wanted to see if all the hype could be backed up by the band. I've been a bit obsessed with their track "So Bored", so I was comfortable if the whole show was a disaster and I only heard them play that song.

Anyways, they packed the place. Luckily for me their surf rock/punk/low-fi sound hit me in all the right spots. The songs are cleverly written with lots of "oooo's" (which is really helpful for me to sing a long) and there is something to be said about low-fi music in these economic times. I wouldn't dare stand by this statement, but I hope that it was similar to seeing The White Stripes at one of their early shows.

Check them out on myspace:

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