Monday, March 2, 2009


Woo hoo! Today officially marks the first work week of March - we've made it through the worst of winter, the sun is starting to break through the frosty clouds and - today is the first day of DAREDALLION WEEK in Australia. Darers, beware!

Daredallion Week is an event where participants are encouraged to take on a dare of hilarious proportions to fight against men's cancer. To view all of the latest dares, click here. Stuck for a dare idea? Use the dare generator here.

My personal fave is from Rodd Messent, who pledges to sign all of his work and personal emails for one week with: "with cuddles and love, Rodd". Check Rodd's progress here.

Up until this point the Darers have been collecting pledges, and will execute their dares once their pledge marked is reached during this week. The dare that launched it all features Adam [oh yes, Adam] on Bondi Beach trying to get airborn with helium ballons:


For more info on Daredallion week, click here.

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