Thursday, February 5, 2009

Please don't Kiss Me in 3D!

So I know it seems like I only write about saucy avatars who can live on your desk top, but we are just 9 days away from Valentine's Day, and Crest has decided to give us Fernando so that we all learn the value of whiter teeth. Oh, and 3-D glasses.

Digitas along with production co Luxurious Animals have designed two online avatars for Crest who will kiss you in three dimensional form. Pick from either Olivia or Fernando, slip on your 3-D glasses [that you have to buy yourself!] and get ready to be smooched over the computer screen. After kissing you in a variety of steamy ways, Olivia and/or Fernando then stop the virtual make out session to [surprise!] remove Crest whitestrips from their teeth. The moral of the story then kids, is that you can do just about anything when wearing Crest whitestrips. It's just like a tampon commercial, but for your teeth!

Um, so... I'm trying to figure out how buying 3-D glasses and kissing an on screen Spanish avatar is going to make me want whiter teeth. I guess Fernando's Spanish accent is meant to make us blog girls get a little flustered and never want to spend time with our real boyfriends but I sort of feel like if I did actually make out with a boy in the real world who proceeded to remove a set of whitestrips from his teeth post tonsil hockey, Spanish or not, I may end up barfing in my own mouth a little bit. Would Crest be happy if the barf was white? Let's wait until next Valentine's Day to find out.

Poor show, avatar. What is the point of you?

Alas, for the curious I must leave a link. To be kissed in 3-D, click here.


Deb said...

You don't have to buy 3d glasses-you can use the ones that pepsi/sobe was giving away for free at supermarkets.

Scooter said...

Now that's an interesting conundrum.

Get the 3D glasses from the company that ruins your teeth, to view the website of the company that helps your teeth.

What a mixed up world we live in!