Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dinner With A Stranger

"If you got an email from a stranger who said they'd donate $200 to a charity of your choice if you'd have them (and a friend) to a dinner [at your house], would you say yes?"

And so marks the opening statement of Franke James' most recent artistic diary/social experiment. James, an incredibly talented artist and equally as talented environmentalist, received an email across the December period from said stranger, Mark Shouldice, who proposed the entire scenario and enticed the lovely James with the invitation.

"We often talk about how some of our best conversations are with strangers," said Shouldice, whose intentions were strictly whimsical. No creepy romances included in this invite.

To view the entire drawn diary of the account, click here.

James is now set on developing "Dinner With A Stranger" into a charity event. Read all about her ponderings here.

Question is, if your safety was entirely guaranteed, would you like to have dinner with a stranger? I would definitely be game. Who's cooking?


FrankeJames said...


Greetings to TA2!

Thanks for your wonderful review and for spreading the word about the Dinner with a Stranger fundraising concept. I have interest from a major charity... Who knows where this idea might go? Thanks for your help!


Franke James

Heather said...

Thanks to you Franke - your work is so inspiring! Please let us know how things turn out, if we can help, and I hope the whole process goes well for you.