Friday, April 4, 2008

The Great Facebook Rat Race

Wieden + Kennedy London have a few new interns.

Bill, Donald, Alan, Peter, Duncan, Theo, Stelios and Richard aren't your typical book-bound grad interns [one of them is named Stelios afterall]. But the eight young gentlemen take on a much familiar East London form - they're all cuddly, squeaky, freaky, bageeky [?] rats.

The crazy kids at Wieden + Kennedy have set up their superstar 8 to run around a miniature London Underground displayed in the W+K office windows in East Laaaaandan. The rats - who have been there since Friday - will be setting up house at W+K for one month.

Today is World Rat Day. If you're passing through London, please give Stelios our regards.

If you can't make it to London, fear not. The rats have a facebook and a webcam. And the point? Who cares. Kudas for W+K for having some creative fun. Mind the Gap. Mind the Rat.

I love you Stelios.

To track their progress and add them to your FB:

For more from W+K London:

Photos courtesy of our homettes at W+K London.

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