Monday, September 29, 2008

The Radio Guru has arrived

Tattoo welcomes our newest Producer/Director & Radio Guru, Jason Deline. For the past ten years, Jason has been writing, producing and voicing radio commercials. A veteran of radio, Jason has worked as an on-air announcer, producer at KISS 92 and creative director at EZ Rock. For two years he was a member of the comedy troupe Radio Vault, performing in both the Toronto and Chicago Sketch Comedy Festivals. Jason has been the voice of a number of high-profile campaigns including Mitsubishi, Rona, Coca Cola Zero, OLG, Party Poker and Rogers. Jason brings to Tattoo a passion for great work, a love for cream-filled donuts, and an appreciation for good cigars. And lucky for us, he likes to share!

Many welcomes, Oh Guru of Sound.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your new favourite band

Random Task Force - Toronto's answer to Flight of the Conchords - has released their first video, shown here on The Motion Show.
Directed by Nik Sexton, "Fingers" showcases the quadruple threat that is Dave Fletcher, Rob Sills, Kevin Flaherty and Stu.
[He doesn't believe in last names]

Tattoo has been backing RTF since the beginning. Below is a snap of some good old synthesizer action in the studio. You can tell we've been rooting since day one - the studio walls were still green!

For more on Random Task Force, visit their website here

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recommended Read

What originally began as an IM conversation between two friends taking friendly stabs about the stereotypical likes of white people has now been published in a 2008 paperback release from Random House.

Christian Lander, the brains behind [the blog that sprouted the book] has answered all questions about the blog and book here, namely to point out that the site isn't meant to be racist, but "a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like." Says the About section of the website - "They are pretty predictable."

The blog covers all sorts of hilariously cynical stereotypes.
My faves:
#105 Unpaid Internships
#103 Sweaters
#88 Having Gay Friends
#83 Bad Memories of High School,
and the one that brings me the most joy:

#9 Making you feel bad about not going outside.

Something tells me that Hating the New Facebook Layout will be making the top of the list any day now.

To read the Full List of Stuff White People Like, click here

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Friday, September 19, 2008

If you like looking at other people's cool homes,

Click here

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This blog makes our blog jealous

So much so that we're not going to even try to find a funky black and white half-in-focus, half-out-of-focus, "we're too cool 'cuz we're with the cool kids" photograph to compete with, mkay?
Instead you're getting a color snap shot of a Bill Cosby-esque graffiti character taken down a back alley on a disposable camera from Wal-Mart.

Yeah that's right, a disposable camera from Wal-Mart!

Damn you, Mikes.

To visit DesignPorn, click here

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like dark-ness...

Shopper's Log, 2 nights ago, Queen Street West, Toronto.
After frolicking in and out of two stores in an after work shopping session, my dear friend and I realized that although our watches said 7 p.m., a darkness so black had crept upon the city that we suddenly feared for our once-sunny summer evenings and came to the conclusion of only one thing:

The winter hibernation is here.

But before you head off to Chapters to get your intellectual provisions of books and dvds, check out this article by Richard Wilson for the Times on 10 books NOT to read before you die.

Tattoo Sound + Music, giving you back your evenings and weekends.

To read what not to read, click here

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Great Scott

Many welcomes to our new Music Supervisor, Scott McCreight.

Scott makes his way from independent label Last Gang Records where he was formerly the Head of Soundtracks/Film/TV Music. Scott was brought on board at Last Gang Records to create the licensing department at the label, which represented artists such as MSTRKRFT, Metric, Death From Above 1979, Boys Noize, Crystal Castles, Tiga, The New Pornographers and Chromeo. During his time at Last Gang he licensed music worldwide to many high profile television shows (Gossip Girl, CSI, Men In Trees); advertising campaigns (Motorola, MTV, So You Think You Can Dance Canada?); and video games (Grand Theft Auto 4, Need For Speed, Facebreaker).

Scott's genius Ear, his P Ditty-like Rolodex and his Donald Trump deal closing skills will make you wonder why you would deal with anyone else.

I saw the sign

As if our saving the earth with One Bottles wasn't enough, try not to be blinded by our new sign!

We like to call it "Reception bling"

Saving the world, One Bottle at a time

Long time, no blog.

Here at Tattoo we've been busy saving the world, One Bottle at a time.
Toronto alone has an annual consumption of 65 million individual plastic water bottles every year, a number that contributes to the 7% annual increase the world experiences. 6 out of 10 plastic bottles aren't even recycled in Ontario, and studies show that plastic bottles are linked to certain health risks.

So in our efforts to move away from plastic bottle usage, we've purchased reusable stainless steel eco-friendly bottles for your use and pleasure.

Come here for a session? Help save the world!

For more information on Onebottle click here